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Over the following years, the spicy group performed ever new drum pieces and special show elements at numerous events around Basel and abroad, such as several pre-carnival events, the festival international du tambour (France) as representative of Switzerland as well as the Yshalle Tattoo (which now has grown to the second largest Tattoo of the world, the Basel Tattoo).   


Nowadays, not only all drum music is composed by the group itself, but also all implements used for the accomplishment of the performances are developed and partially built by ourselves, such as the distinctive drums and basses, the not so unimportant drum sticks, but also the instrument racks and the diverse special effects. All these efforts together make each performance of «Bâsilicum» unique, whereas one never knows, what the next emerging show surprise will be - Wait and see yourself!


We would be pleased to enrich your event as well with a drumming performance! We are looking forward to receive your request:  contact